November 29, 2012 Thursday - updated 09:36 AM PT

OrlandoFest Offering Performance Workshops for Student Music Groups

Orlando, United States ( - November 29, 2012)

OrlandoFest, a music festival competition in Orlando, Florida, announced that it has expanded its' offerings to performance groups by creating new and exciting Performance Workshops!. These new Performance Workshops by OrlandoFest are designed to develop and enhance key music skills for elementary, middle, junior high and high school music ensembles. The Performance Workshops by OrlandoFest are offered all year round and also include admission to Universal Orlando® Resort.

A key element and great option of the OrlandoFest Performance Workshops is that it allows Music Directors to choose either a Customized Performance Workshop, where each director may select the specific areas of focus for their students to create their own workshop. Or, Directors may elect to have their ensemble participate in a Specialized Performance Workshops, such as: 

Keys to Competition (Enhances preparation for assessed performances)

Music at First Sight (Specifically designed to developing Sight Reading skills)

Movie Maestro (Learn, practice, perform and record a real movie soundtrack)

By offering these options of customizing a workshop or choosing a prepared workshop, the choice offers both the student and music teacher an opportunity to be engaged and excited for the educational adventure that is in store for them.

According to Tony Saccaro, Director of Operations with OrlandoFest, "Our totally Customized and Specialized Performance Workshops are designed to Foster and enhance performance skills, individual musicianship, offer a positive, fun and challenging educational experience, plus increase student confidence and self-esteem."

The Performance Workshops by OrlandoFest are offered all year round and open to all performing ensembles including:

Concert Bands, Orchestras, Jazz Bands, Marching Bands

Concert Choirs, Show Choirs, Specialty/Chamber Choirs

Auxiliary, Indoor Guard, Color Guard, Flags, POMS

Concert Percussion, Marching Percussion, Field Shows

Guitar Ensembles

Dance Groups

Drama and Theater Arts Groups and more.

For additional information on how to reserve an OrlandoFest Performance Workshop, please contact either Tony Saccaro or Mike Parks in the OrlandoFest office at 800.313.2251 or sales(at)orlandofest. Or contact a local student travel planner to assist you further.

About OrlandoFest

The OrlandoFest Music Festivals and Performance Workshops provide each performance group an inspiring and educationally meaningful performance experience, coupled with the fun and excitement of Universal Orlando® Resort! The team of dedicated professionals strives to provide performance groups “Unparalleled Service” by providing “A Personal Touch”! OrlandoFest is a member of the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), Texas Bandmasters Association (TBA), Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA), Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) and the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic.

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Media Contact:

Tony Saccaro
OrlandoFest, LLC
Orlando, FL

Phone: 800.313.2251
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