November 29, 2012 Thursday - updated 09:26 AM PT

ITM Financial's 59% ROI In The Forex Market Gets A Record 5,123 Facebook "Likes" in 48 Hours

Boston, United States ( - November 29, 2012)

Forex signal startup ITM Financial broke its own social media records this past week by getting over 5,123 Facebook "likes" in just over 48 hours. A Facebook "like" is when a user sees a blog post or piece of information on the Internet and hits the Facebook "thumbs up" or "like" button. This action then sends a message to the users Facebook friends that the user has given a positive review of that article and "likes" it.

"We wrote up two different blog posts about our 60% return history and just tested each post with different writing styles." says CEO Curt Dalton. "We had no idea that the posts about our return history would go 'viral" and have so many 'likes' and such positive feedback."

Social media is playing a bigger and bigger part in company branding as well as in a company's customer service procedures. Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, and Yelp are all causing a shift on how companies respond to clients as well as how clients view the branding of different companies. "Having a social media strategy is essential for companies today. When we put out a Tweet or post on our Facebook fan page, it see by thousands of people. Those people begin to recognize your brand as a trustworthy place to do business if thousands of other people endorse your business online." added Curt.

The old ITM Financial record for "likes" or "tweets" was around 5,000 to the home page URL of "The process of getting those 5,000 likes was gradual as we build up a 3rd party verified record of trading." added Ali Khan, head of IT at ITM Financial. "When we pushed out the blog posts that our members are up 60%, and it was all verified by a 3rd party monitor, then you really saw the Facebook and Twitter stuff take off".

The blog posts included one copy that talked about recent conversations with London forex hedge funds, as well as a second post that referred to interested from New York bankers in the new software. "We are definitely starting to turn heads with the results and verification." says Curt. "Everyone can go out and claim they did X, Y, and Z, but when you have a 3rd party monitor showing the world your results it lends instant credibility."

ITM Financial is a new forex signal provider startup based out of Boston, Massachusetts. ITM Financial uses proprietary algorithms for studying social signals on the Internet for investment ideas. All 3rd party verification is done by, an industry leader in public documentation for financial institutions.

Media Contact:

Curt Dalton
ITM Financial
Boston, MA

Phone: 888-866-0962
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