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Chester the Chesapeake Book Four: My Brother Buck

Sparta, United States ( - November 28, 2012)

Don’t children and dogs go together like butterflies and wildflowers? That’s why Chester did it again. He wrote us another children's story from his point of view via his owner, author Barbara Ebel, and published through Createspace.

The fourth book in the Chester the Chesapeake series, "My Brother Buck," is as beautifully illustrated with real pictures of Chester and his dog brothers and cat sister as are books one through three. A photographer or people who work relentlessly with dogs can understand the artistry - to get the exact pictures of multiple pets which flow like magic in Chester’s stories.

At the beginning and at the end of each of his children’s books, Chester asks us “Can you believe it?” This time, in "My Brother Buck," another dog is dropped off at his middle Tennessee home in the woods but no one can prepare him for the uniqueness of the new dog who is adeptly named “Buck.”

“There are two things,” Barbara Ebel says, “that children and adults can count on with Chester’s story lines. There are overt and subtle inspirational messages in which Chester is the template for the lessons. In this fourth book, children learn about sharing and opening one’s life and home to a new family member, and that dog ownership entails responsibility. Secondly, the loving bond comes shining through between Chester and his owner, or ‘Mom.’ In particular, the last two pages always leave the reader with a warm and fuzzy, heartwarming feeling.”

“Actually,” she adds, “adults love the books as much as the children!”

Chester’s status as a celebrity was first rooted from his work as a therapy dog. He is a comfort and a source of enjoyment to the elderly at retirement and nursing homes and has been visiting schools and libraries with Doctor Barbara to instill a fondness for books and reading to kids at an early age. He has been featured in newspaper articles for years and now also travels up and down the east coast with her and his book series for book readings and "paw" signings.

Barbara Ebel lives in a rural Tennessee protected wildlife corridor with her husband, three dogs, including Chester, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, and a cat.

"Chester the Chesapeake: My Brother Buck" paperbacks can be found at All the eBooks are widely available on most online eBook sites.

To "meet" Chester, see all his books and links, his scheduled events, and a Chester video which is sure to make you smile, check out his website at:

Media Contact:

Barbara Ebel
Sparta, TN

Phone: 931-761-7102
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