November 28, 2012 Wednesday - updated 08:37 AM PT

Blitzball® Baseball Toy Scores Big with Men’s Journal “2012 Gear of the Year” Honors

New York, United States ( - November 28, 2012)

Blitzball®, the world’s fastest growing baseball toy, has been selected by the gear experts at Men’s Journal Magazine as a 2012 Gear of the Year award winner.

Specially designed for maximum curving action and home run distance, Blitzball is unlike any other baseball toy and has become an Internet sensation with over 2 million YouTube views along with being featured on other well-known media outlets such as the ESPN TV network, ESPN Magazine, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, and Popular Science Magazine. With its sales almost doubling in each of the last two years, Blitzball is rapidly becoming a fixture in backyards everywhere.

In awarding Blitzball the 2012 Gear of the Year award, Men’s Journal remarked: “Let’s face it: Wiffle ball was begging for a redesign. Blitzball’s solid surface, composed of 72 sides, cuts down on wind resistance, allowing the sub-one-ounce plastic ball to maintain velocity and spin furiously. Anyone can use it to master a beastly curveball or slider without risking a Tommy John injury.”

“Blitzball’s geometric design allows for incredible pitches that just aren’t possible with other baseball toys and I’m very excited and honored to have my product receive this level of recognition from Men’s Journal,” said Aaron Kim, inventor of the Blitzball and owner of the company.

While much of the Blitzball's success can be attributed to the product itself, it is Kim's personal connection to Blitzball fans and customers that really makes the business special. "I answer most of our company e-mails personally and the amount of time I spend on Facebook is borderline unhealthy. All customers and fans on our Blitzball page ( are special to me and if I can do anything extra for them, I will," said Kim, who gives away over $2,000 in video contest prizes each year in addition to providing bonus balls for Blitzball customers who also support the company on Facebook.

Blitzballs will be showcased at the 2012 Men's Journal pop-up store, which is returning to Chicago for a second straight year. Deemed "The Coolest Man Cave of the Year," the Men's Journal store will be located at 520 North Michigan Avenue and open its doors to the public from December 6th through December 23rd. This 4,575 square-foot pop-up store will feature Blitzball along with dozens of other "perfect guy gifts" from the magazine's "Gear of the Year" list, which celebrates the best of the best as selected by the Men's Journal Gear Lab. For those who are unable to visit the Men's Journal store in Chicago, Blitzball 4-packs are available for $11.99 (as well as demo videos) on the Blitzball company's website at and will ship to any location in the U.S.

About College Hill Games:

Located in NY, the College Hill Games Company focuses on creating innovative sports toys for the whole family. All College Hill Games toys and products (including the Blitzball) are manufactured in the U.S. and are available for purchase on the company website:


Reporters: For additional information about the topic or to request product samples, e-mail: collegehillgames (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Aaron Kim
College Hill Games
New York,

Phone: (917) 209-9467
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