November 28, 2012 Wednesday - updated 08:32 AM PT

Vpak Media Introduces Newest Video Empowered Printâ„¢ Marketing Device: Vpak Mini

New York, United States ( - November 28, 2012)

Vpak Media, an innovative marketing technology company that launched in January 2012 offering its line of portable Vpak ‘video in print’ tactics, introduces its newest interactive device called the Vpak Mini. Like its larger Vpak siblings, the Mini provides marketers with a powerful medium that enables them to put custom or existing promotional, instructional or educational videos right into the hands of their targeted customers. Unique to the Mini is its small size and big utility.

The Vpak Mini is the same height and width as a credit card and each is custom printed on sturdy PVC plastic. The device can easily fit in a pocket or purse, and was designed for ease of use. Despite its portable dimensions, the Vpak Mini comes complete with a 2.4” LCD screen, and built-in speakers. As for content—the length of your video is up to you! Like the larger devices in the Vpak line, the Mini features touch screen technology, and allows for multiple chapters of content. Video selections can be accessed through on-screen display lists or via a ‘categories button’ that allows for quick and easy scrolling. The new Vpak Mini also features a USB micro port and power cord for recharging.

Like all Vpak devices, the Mini offers proprietary functionality and customization. In addition to carrying client video content, which can be updated over time and is locked and protected, the Mini also allows users to upload or record their own video and audio content right onto the device’s hard drive. This level of personalization makes the Vpak Mini a leading-edge marketing device, sales tool, or collectible—with proven pass-around viral impact.

“The response to our initial offerings has been amazing. Clients from many industries have responded favorably and have asked for even more Vpak utility. Vpak devices like the new Mini enable targeted customers to engage with video whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. They don’t need a Wi-Fi connection or link to a Web site. They don’t even have to download an app. Everything is self-contained. Vpak Mini is custom, affordable, interactive marketing that fits into a client’s budget, and into a consumer’s pocket,” explained Vpak Media Founder and CEO, Rob Likoff. According to Likoff, he founded Vpak Media in response to a growing industry need to evolve the distribution of video content, and help differentiate brands competing for share of voice in often crowded channels.

Vpak Media Chief Marketing Officer, Lola Traub, describes the origin of the newest device, “The Vpak Mini was developed because marketers in just about every industry are searching for a better way to reach and connect with consumers on a more personal level. Now, with Mini, they can penetrate target audiences with a portable, hands-on device that allows consumers to interact with video content wherever they are, add their own personal content, and keep it as a powerful brand reminder.”

Vpak Video Empowered Print™ marketing programs have been developed for the automotive, entertainment, fashion, and healthcare industries to name just a few. Vpak video empowered devices, “turn on the printed piece”, i.e. combine customized, enduring printed content with the stickiness and multisensory power of video and audio embedded right into the printed piece. Vpak video-empowered promotional tactics can be distributed at live events or deployed by direct mail to targeted audiences.

About Vpak Media 

Vpak Media’s mission is to create highly-relevant and engaging, cost-effective marketing tools that are designed and manufactured in response to client and consumer insights, needs and behaviors. Vpak Video Empowered Print™ marketing devices can complement and supplement advertising and marketing plans by amortizing existing promotional or educational video, and delivering it in a novel, hands-on medium to targeted consumers. Vpak 'video in print' technology combines the impact of a tactile print experience with immersive video.

Media Contact:

Sean P. Hartigan
Vpak Media
New York,

Phone: 732-551-8206
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