November 26, 2012 Monday - updated 08:48 AM PT

Real Estate Investing Marketing Features for Real Estate Investor Websites

Plano, United States ( - November 26, 2012)  

A real estate investing and real estate investor website design company, www., have released more designs for the websites.

These designs come fully equipped with marketing features that are now available to real estate investors.

A squeeze page, landing page allows website owner to capture contact information of website visitors so they can market to them later. Real estate investors now have access to squeeze pages, that incorporate video to increase conversion. A real estate investor can now choose to use embedded video on their landing pages or a speaking model that transparently blends into any website design.

Once the leads are captured, the websites come fully equipped with carefully timed follow up auto responder messages that send friendly marketing messages at per-timed intervals. This increases conversion leading to more closed real estate transactions.

Equally important, each website is delivered well optimized for search engines so that they actively attract leads and business.

Each website comes loaded with all the designs. It takes only one click of the mouse to change from one design to another. The website is controlled from a virtual back office so simple that even real estate investors with no Internet experience can comfortably run their business.

For more information, please visit or call 214-22718718.


Media Contact:

Simon Macharia
Plano, TX

Phone: 214-227-8718
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