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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Free Bottle Offer: Raw Components of Green Coffee Bean Extract Increase Metabolism, Users Lose Weight, Study Finds

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Many are still sceptical as to the efficiency of the pure green coffee bean extract, but Yvonne Davis is absolutely convinced. “I used the Pure Green Coffee Bean Dietary Supplement 800mg to see if it really worked to lose weight and by golly it did!” she gushed. “I have no side effects. You do not get jitters from the caffeine because it is raw. People who say it does not work are not following a regimen. One has to be committed and dedicated. I really believe I will reach my 25 pound weight loss goal.”

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The green coffee bean extract supplement has been making its rounds in the weight-loss market, and so far, it has been getting a very warm reception. This can be owed to the fact that many users like Yvonne are coming out in the open to rally support behind the product.

Green coffee extract, for those not familiar with it, is basically the natural substance derived from green or unroasted coffee beans. It is believed that because it is used in its raw state, all the important components and nutrients that help speed up the metabolism are preserved, unlike with roasted coffee beans, where caffeine becomes dominant and the other nutrients get watered down.

Dr. Vinson of the University of Scranton can be said to be the person responsible for making the green coffee extract weight loss phenomenon become possible. He, along with his team of researchers, conducted a study probing into the weight-loss capacities of green coffee.

According to their findings, the raw components of the extract appear to have “some effect on keeping down glucose absorption, thereby lowering the hyperglycemic peak.” This conclusion was derived from a clinical research, which had 16 overweight subjects participating. After 22 weeks of trial, the group was reported to have lost an average of 17 pounds.

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Although there are more to be determined about the correlation of the green coffee extract and weight-loss, those who are using it are already convinced that this product is indeed able to deliver the results they hope to gain. For more information on green coffee bean extract, head over to

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