November 23, 2012 Friday - updated 11:46 AM PT now Includes MP4 Converter to Convert Movies for iPhone 5

United States ( - November 23, 2012), online platform for media converter software, now introduces All Media Converter. This mp4 converter can convert iPhone 5 videos.

The site features several free mp4 converter tools, but such tools are not compatible to convert videos for iPhone 5. The latest smartphone by Apple comes with 1136x640 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio on a display screen of 4 inches. For modifying this aspect ratio and resolution, now brings All Media Converter. This tool will provide proper control and the conversion process will be simple, claims the experts at

The website recently posted a blog on the process of using media converter for converting all movies and videos of iPhone 5. The blog mentions that the conversion process is simple step-by-step process . The author said, “All you need to do is download the converter and launch it. After that, you just need to follow the instructions step by step and you can easily convert video files for iPhone 5. You can select several files at once for this conversion process.”

The users should enter the video size 1135x640 manually and choose the aspect ratio as 16:9 from the list to match with the requirements of iPhone 5 video conversion. Mr. Albert Jaylin the owner of said, “ I recently purchased an iPhone 5 and used this mp4 converter for converting the videos. I must say that the tool is fast, apt and easy to use. iPhone users will definitely like it. You can download this tool for free and utilize it to the fullest.”

The website also features other free MP4 converter tools. However, these tools will not provide much control as the All Media Converter , as mentioned in the site.

Ms. Jenny from New York says, “I regularly check this website out to download some effect tools like mp3 converter and all. As I have recently purchased iPhone 5, I think they will again help me a lot with this new video conversion tool for my phone. Hope to get great result as always.”

About the company: is an online platform for media conversion tools. The site brings free and easy to use mp3 converter, mp4 converter and other efficient tools. To download free media converters or know more about the software products, visit the website at

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