November 23, 2012 Friday - updated 11:42 AM PT

New Garden Book Taps Sacred Geometry to Grow Superfood

Hawaii, United States ( - November 23, 2012)

Can applying the mathematical laws of Sacred Geometry to a garden produce a beneficial effect on the harvest? Author Cheryl Gama, believes it does and you can find out how in her new book,Sacred Geometry Gardens: The Heart of Superfood Gardening a delightful how-to presentation of practical, organic gardening methods that produce nutrient-dense “superfoods” at home on any size plot of land. It’s easy, simple and can be done with ordinary gardening tools and soil specific organic amendments.

Sacred Geometry is the meeting of science and spirituality, ‘the blueprint, the structure of spacetime that organizes matter.’ It is an ancient science that explores and explains the language or building blocks of all things in our Universe. Today, Nassim Haramein’s scientific breakthroughs in physics reveal that there is a universal unified field of energy that births all life. All phenomena, from the infinitely small to the infinitely big ... the growth of plants, human body proportions, the structure of crystals, the orbit of the planets, light, music and more has a specific geometric structure. Everything in the Universe follows the same geometric pattern that fractals over and over creating endless possibilities of light, color, shape and sound. Every motion, system of growth, cell, plant, animal, planet, star, galaxy and black hole are all ruled by the mathematical laws of sacred geometry. Ancient cultures around the world have used this ‘mystery school’ knowledge to build monuments, churches and sacred sites. We have been studying these places for ages and through modern science perhaps we now beginning to understand the meaning and purpose behind these structures.

According to Feng Shui practitioner and Author, Cheryl Gama, being aware of the natural flow of energy and planting a garden in these sacred geometrical patterns can beneficially impact the fruits, vegetables, people and communities around it. She combined her ability to “tune-in” to nature with her love for art, music, physics, geometry and organic gardening, and followed her heart and created a Sacred Geometry Garden. The outcome was phenomenal; she produced $600 worth of food monthly from a circular garden with an 11’ diameter. (That’s only 90 square feet!) Even before optimal organic soil amendments were added, this Superfood garden grew vibrantly and when the produce was Brix tested with a refractometer for nutrient density (on a scale of 1-10), the veggies scored from 4-10.

Sacred Geometry Gardens: The Heart of Superfood Gardening, is a step by step manual for building a garden that is efficient, rich in nutrients, and is a fulfilling gardening experience. It takes you on a journey of self discovery and connectedness with our Earth. Whether you are an experienced organic gardener or a beginner, Sacred Geometry Gardens will give you the opportunity to easily build a beautiful garden with love and universal harmony. If you like to discover more about Sacred Geometry Gardens and/or purchase this book visit

Cheryl Leigh Gama is a free-spirited visionary whose art creates dynamic transformation with attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Her professional career spans twenty-nine years and her fine art, illustrations, graphic designs, photography, sacred geometry, mandalas, murals and music reside in collections worldwide.


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