November 23, 2012 Friday - updated 11:38 AM PT

While Others Are Dreaming of a White Christmas, Bright White Teeth Can be a Reality

Lincoln Park, United States ( - November 23, 2012)

As the holiday season rolls around this year in Chicago, treat a loved one to the gift that anybody will enjoy: teeth whitening service from Westend Dental in Lincoln Park and Chicago. It is a well-know fact that a bright and beautiful smile will open up doors of opportunity and increase self –esteem and self-image. When Santa Claus slides down the chimney this Christmas, be sure the stockings are hung! Don't miss out on great holiday deals for teeth whitening by Westend Dental!

Coffee drinkers and tobacco smokers all suffer from some degree of teeth staining as well as people who use certain prescription drugs and people who may have deficiencies in their diet. Stained teeth can become a concern and may even cause significant self-image problems. Luckily, getting premium Chicago teeth whitening service is now very affordable and can be done in as little as one hour. Gone are the days of messy gels and uncomfortable plastic bleaching strips. Instead of taking weeks and weeks of adhering to a stringent bleaching schedule, a teeth whitening in Chicago is now an afternoon procedure that gives results almost instantly.

Westend Dental in Lincoln Park and Chicago are pleased to announce that, from now all the way to the new year, they will be providing their premium Zoom! teeth whitening services for new patients with a $50 (fifty dollar) discount! With this exclusive deal, residents of Chicago and Lincoln Park are now $50 closer to getting a pearly white smile this holiday season and just in time for their New Years resolution to quit smoking or participating in any activity that can cause tooth enamel stains!

Westend Dental in Chicago has helped many people in the Chicago area get the beautiful smile they always wanted and it shows. Susan N. of Chicago raves:

"Great customer care and service. Everyone is friendly and goes out of their way to make the patients feel comfortable. Very comprehensive dental cleaning with use of state-of-the-art equipment. Probably the best I've ever seen."

This Christmas, be sure to give the gift of love, beauty, and self-esteem by getting premium Chicago teeth whitening service from Westend Dental. Don’t forget to download your free $50 coupon from their website as well!

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Tracy Lin
Westend Dental
Lincoln Park, Illinois

Phone: 1.866.595.1891 (773)
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