November 23, 2012 Friday - updated 11:32 AM PT

Announcing the Opening of Mail N Things in Arvada, CO

Arvada, United States ( - November 23, 2012)

Mail N Things is a new full-service mailbox store recently opened by local entrepreneur, Gwen Kuykendall. It is located at 7705 Wadsworth Blvd. Unit F, Arvada, CO 80003. The location offers residence a convenient place for all of their essential shipping and mailbox needs as well as office, packing, and packing supplies, saving them a lot of time and money according to store owner, Gwen Kuykendall. Store hours are from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday.

Mail N Things offers national and international shipping of items of any size for a good price, plus packing and packaging materials, key cutting, color copy services, passports and ID photos, letterheads, business cards, mailbox rentals, a range of office supplies, and shipping supplies like loose fill, tape, cushioned mailers, shipping labels, decorated boxes, corrugated boxes, bubble wrap and more.

The Mail Box Stores assisted Gwen Kuykendall in securing financing, site location, lease negotiation, business training and store operation training, store build-out, and securing a network of wholesale suppliers, and they are committed to providing ongoing business and marketing support. These services were available for a one-time cost and there are no franchise fees because Mail N Things is independently owned by Gwen Kuykendall. “Couldn’t be happier from beginning to end, Dave was extremely helpful with the build-out and training,” Kuykendall said of the service.

The Mail Box Stores is a non-franchise independent developer of mailbox stores specializing in all areas of mailbox store business development including financing assistance plus credit repair when needed, site location, lease negotiation, business training, store build-out, securing a network of wholesale suppliers, and ongoing support for the life of the business at no additional cost.

The Mail Box Stores is a branch of Discount Retail Store Services, an independent non-franchise business development firm specializing in turn-key business setup for those who want to start a business including all essential core tasks plus training and ongoing support for the life of the business. Their business models include dollar stores, clothing stores, party stores, teen stores, mail box stores, and fitness centers. Entrepreneurs can get upcoming news about DRSS on Facebook.

Media Contact:

David Heintzelman
Discount Retail Store Services
Arvada, CO

Phone: 866-272-7177
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