November 22, 2012 Thursday - updated 13:20 PM PT

24 potential buyers from the emerging markets including China and Singapore gather together in Korea

Songjeong-dong, South Korea ( - November 22, 2012) Confronted by a recent slump in the shipbuilding industry, Korean marine equipment firms have made tremendous efforts to explore global market opportunities so as to secure sharply decreased domestic orders.

In 2012, the Korea Marine Equipment Global Service Center has invited significant buyers that represent the emerging markets to organize Global Marine Tech 2012 as part of its efforts to develop global market opportunities.

This special occasion took place from September 19th to 20th, 2012 at Grand Ballroom, Commodore Hotel Busan with about 24 shipbuilders and global firms with actual purchasing power from emerging markets in Asia attending including Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering, the largest Indian shipbuilder.

Around 70 Korean marine equipment firms in all parts of the country including NK joined Global Marine Tech 2012 and had various opportunities to meet these potential buyers one on one to engage in business activities and establish partnership networks.

Chang-Soo Chung, President of the Korea Marine Equipment Global Service Center, said “The Asian market is increasingly taking an important position and role in the international shipbuilding and marine equipment sectors. So, it’s very meaningful and constructive to invite shipbuilding professionals from various countries in Asia and have business meetings in one place.

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