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Ramun’s Amuleto Lamp: ‘Ramun’, a prestigious lamp brand personally directed by Alessandro Mendini

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With the sensitivity used for the creation of his products, Alessandro Mendini reflected his design philosophy to lighting equipment. ‘Ramun’ is a lamp brand launched by the personal direction of Alessandro Mendini for all the areas including product design, corporate planning, production development, logo. Show room, and ‘Amuleto’ means a guardian in Italian, and Mendini made this lamp wishing for the happiness and the realization of the dreams of his grandson. Mendini contained the universe in this lamp with the forms of the trinity of the sun, the moon, and the earth. Produced in slim ring type which had not been easy to be realized by designers, Amuleto is widely known as a ‘lamp of fortune’ in Europe.

Mendini produced Amuleto considering not only decorative design elements but also functional aspects. Using LED as the source of light, Amuleto has a high degree of uniformity in lighting which shows the peak of high technology. In addition, its monopolistic articulation setting which acquired a patent makes it possible to be used by a finger of a child easily with long durability.

Mendini’s warm heart for his grandson can be witnessed by the design of the lamp optimized for the eyes. Being free from materials harmful to the human body, Ramun acquired EU’s RoHS, a guideline for the restriction of harmful materials such as mercury and lead, and an optimum design was made together with the medical team of the department of ophthalmology at a general hospital regarding the non-emission of ultraviolet and infrared lights, light diffusion, and the light-emitting part.

In addition to Amuleto, Ramun has introduced various lamp brands including Opale, a table lamp brand, and Campanello, a candle light chime, reflecting the innovative design of Mendini.

More detailed information on Ramun is available at Ramun’s homepage (


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