November 22, 2012 Thursday - updated 09:26 AM PT

Free Fitness Advice: 7 Barbell Movements for More Muscle and Strength!

United States ( - November 22, 2012)

Celebrated Fitness Trainer, Travis Stoetzel, knows a thing or two about weight lifting. In fact, Stoetzel’s training has been sought after by people who have competed, and ranked, in various athletic competitions. Now, Stoetzel is announcing free access to his Olympic lifting technique blog, which also discusses the 7 Barbell Movements for Muscle and Strength.

“Today, barbell training is HUGE part of my programming and being a strength coach, it’s very rare to have a day go by with me not actually having contact with a barbell in some way,” said Travis Stoetzel. “People need to have access to important information when taking on a weight program. I felt it was my obligation as an expert in the field to provide a free resource for this information. For example, whenever you combine together both a heavy front squat and a heavy overhead press, you can’t go wrong! I list my reasons why on the free weightlifting blog.”

People who want to access the free weightlifting blog, and Stoetzel’s Olympic lifting techniques, simply need to click here: No credit card, email address, or other personal information is required to learn the 7 Barbell Movements for More Muscle and Strength Training.

MEDIA TEAR SHEET: Members of the press can view Travis Stoetzel’s information by visiting Stoetzel’s personal website, and training products, include tips on aggressive training for events such as The Spartan Death Race, competing in Crossfit, and improving one’s overall performance in and out of sport.

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