November 21, 2012 Wednesday - updated 08:54 AM PT Announces Thanksgiving Sale And Introduces More Moroccan Furniture Decor Items

Miami, United States ( - November 21, 2012) is offering huge discounts of up to 40% for some of its more popular items this Thanksgiving. Shoppers can look forward to fantastic savings when purchasing Moroccan themed furniture, pottery, mirrors, tiebacks and exquisite upholstery fabric which are available both in-store and online. recently gave its web site a makeover and introduced even more exotic Moroccan themed products. The site already boasts a variety of intricately crafted products which number in the hundreds but has now added almost 50 new products to the list. The new additions include Moroccan lamps, pillows, doors, mirrors and other ornate items.

The company, which has been importing and distributing a wide array of home furnishings and decor since 1998, sources its items from Morocco, India and Bali in Indonesia, among others. These places are renowned for their exotic products and craftsmanship.

The company iterates that products are selected based on form, function and quality. A good representation of excellent form and function would be the very popular Moroccan lanterns the company has on display on its site. The range includes both extremes of ultra simplistic design and breathtakingly ornate creations. These are represented by the Coastal Lanterns and Koutoubia Moroccan Lanterns respectively. Both styles are impressive in their own unique way.

Another popular product range the company has decided make additions to are the Moroccan Mirrors. These mirrors have incredibly elaborate handcrafted frames. Some items even have camel bone inlaid within a cedar frame and adorned with stamped nails and twisted filigree metal. Suffice to say, these are not items you would ordinarily find at hyper furniture store chains.

The company's products have been very popular among the big-name hotel chains in the US as well as overseas, and not just among homeowners who desire unique or exotic decor for their homes. The company's products have also been featured in magazines and on TV, most notably, on TLC: While You Were Out.

The company, which is based in Miami, Florida, was founded by a doctor and an economist. Their love for exotic products resulted in their decision to form the company. Although sourcing for quality products is time consuming and involves a lot of traveling, the satisfaction of discovering a new item to add to their selection is rewarding enough.

The items on the site are said to be everyday items given an extraordinary touch. Items such as serving trays and tea glasses are creatively transformed into works of art by gifted artisans. is powered by InstanteStore's ecommerce software. The company's warehouse and showroom is located in Miami, Florida. It also has a large warehouse in Casablanca where products are stored for shipping to other destination all over the world.

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