November 21, 2012 Wednesday - updated 08:40 AM PT

InterlinkedTV and OK Invest Launch their Web Channel

Oklahama City, United States ( - November 21, 2012)

InterlinkedTV and OK Invest have partnered to launch their Web Channel. OK Invest was founded in 2008 from the ash heap of the financial crisis to promote financial literacy and economic development while promoting publicly traded companies at their annual Oklahoma Investor Conference. InterlinkedTV is an internet video production and distribution site dedicated to private enterprise, venture capital news, and investment events.

They have partnered and launched their Web Channel where visitors can see video presentations and interviews of those in attendance at this year’s Oklahoma Investor Conference such as the Keynote Speaker, Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb, and the heads of companies such as Global Hunter Securities, Devon Energy and Continental Resources. Among the videos available for viewers are those of OK Lt. Governor covering strategies for economic development in Oklahoma, a Panel discussing the Economy & Shareholder Rights moderated by Jody Jones, Assistant Professor of Finance at Oklahoma Christian University. The Panel includes Dr. Ken Miller, State Treasurer of Oklahoma, Doug Haws, Vice President of Tom Johnson Investment Management, Tom Evans, President of Encompass Financial Services and Warren Henry, Vice President of Investor Relationships for Continental Resources.

Viewers will also be able to watch David Corbin, CFA, of Corbin And Company and his team of highly qualified advisers describe how Corbin & CO.’s independence empowers their performance specializing in the management of assets for individuals, trusts, pension plans, endowments, and foundations.    

"OK Invest is excited to partner with InterlinkedTV. Our annual Oklahoma Investor Conference continues to be a great medium for direct interaction between Oklahomans and the state's corporate and elected leaders. However, nothing can compare to the scale and inventiveness Delray and his team have created through InterlinkedTV. We believe their support of our mission to promote financial literacy and economic development via their groundbreaking approach to reaching significant audiences will make OK Invest a true leader in the state." said OKInvest founder, Michael Morford. The exclusive content available on this Web Channel provides a chance for viewers to learn about companies the same way that Wall Street professionals do. Video presentations follow the structure of a Wall Street Investor Conference as well as provide the basics of investing by having professional fund managers discuss basic investing philosophies. Delray Wannemacher, CEO of Interlinked, stated “We are very excited to be partnering with OK Invest. InterlinkedTV can help ensure that Michael’s vision of bringing main street to Wall Street and improving financial literacy in the United States can be achieved”.

About InterlinkedTV 

InterlinkedTV focuses on internet video production and distribution of private, exclusive videos for high growth companies. We provide this content through our partnerships with conferences, investment events, companies and IR firms.

Media Contact:

Delray Wannemacher
Oklahama City, Oklahama

Phone: 281-940-1555
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