November 20, 2012 Tuesday - updated 08:32 AM PT

Affordable Replacement Trash Chute Parts For Winter Maintenance Now Available from American Chute Systems

Chicago, United States ( - November 20, 2012)  

Regular maintenance of trash chute parts is essential for building managers to remain up to code. By practicing proper maintenance, major housing issues such as building code violations and fire hazards can be avoided. One of the leading manufacturers of trash chute parts and linens, American Chute Systems, recommends users take preventative measures to avoid major problems down the road.

Little things like replacement trash chute doors, t-handles, closers and more can help extend the life of trash chute systems and ensure they remain up to building code standards. Trash chute doors that are not properly taken care of can pose a fire risk to residents. Damaged doors can spread fires even if the fire does not start in the chute but this danger can be prevented.

American Chute Systems has over seventy-five years of chute manufacturing experience. Their extensive selection of replacement trash chute parts with easy to understand sizing guides make it simple to replace damaged chute parts, decreasing fire hazard risks exponentially. You can have both safety and affordability with their replacement trash chute doors and parts.

"We offer speedy and reliable delivery for all of our products. All you need to do is pick which products you need with our help. Call us at 815-671-4780 to let us help you decide on what you need. Then, we will send them over immediately so that your trash or linen chute remains up to standard."

Visit to select from a variety of trash chute models and purchase replacement trash chutes parts for winter trash chute maintenance.

American Chute Systems, Inc 

603 East Washington Street 

Joliet, IL 60433 

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Media Contact:

Barb Barb
American Chute Systems
Chicago, IL

Phone: 815-671-4780
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