November 19, 2012 Monday - updated 09:50 AM PT

Tooth Monster HD Pro: Top Educational Storybook App to Help Kids with Tooth Brushing

United States ( - November 19, 2012)

JINIBINI, an innovative mobile applications developer, is excited today to announce the launch of a newly updated version of Tooth Monster HD Lite onto the App Store. Made specifically for the iPad and now featuring full iOS 6 support, Tooth Monster HD Lite show kids why brushing their teeth is important and how to do it right while entertaining them! An interactive playbook and sing-along adventure in one, this free app makes learning about oral hygiene a blast for youngsters all while allowing them to get a taste of the full Tooth Monster HD app experience before they (or their parents) decide to buy it. Tooth Monster HD Lite is currently available for download on the App Store for free in the Books category. The full version of the app is available in the same category for $4.99.

Geared to turn regular kids into brave plaque fighting warriors, the app gives users instant access to the Brush Your Teeth playbook and the ever catchy Cavity Fighter’s song instantly. To boot, once they’ve explored both of these awesome features engaged users can upgrade to Tooth Monster HD Pro right through the app to unlock every feature and morsel of entertainment the White Kingdom at the center of Tooth Monster’s narrative has to offer! That means access to the full storybook’s main audio voiceover enabled adventure, as it’s two educational sing-a-longs, many diversely engaging playbooks too, and the ability to create custom narrations too!

Tooth Monster HD Lite features an extremely straightforward user interface to ensure that it stays accessible to even the youngest users, and was even designed under consultation from educational experts to ensure it actually delivers on its educational promises. Its never too early or too late to get children into rhythm and routine of brushing their teeth, and if the fantastically fun Tooth Monster HD Lite has any say in the matter they’ll do just that!

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