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Dadpreneur finds niche catering to baby showers gifts for dads by debuting Matching Baby and New Dad t-shirt gift sets to millions of new and expectant parents.

Tampa, United States ( - November 19, 2012)  

Gifts for dad to be is excited to announce that the company will be featured on a well-known flash sale website this week for the holiday gift giving season. Attention all bargain hunters out there; this is the perfect opportunity to give in to the uncontrollable urge to match dad and baby. Concerned with what to give the expecting family this holiday season, these Daddy and Baby combo gift sets make a great couples baby shower gift or just a fun way to say congratulations to the New Dad.

The excitement and anticipation of waiting and day dreaming about the bundle of joy is not exclusive to expectant mothers. The Daddy to be might not have a baby in the belly, see him glow when asked about the baby on the way. Capture this moment with the Daddy to Be Newborn Feet T-Shirt. The cute baby foot prints bring the shirt to life and are a constant reminder of the fun to come in the months ahead.

This family focused business has several Daddy T-shirt designs. These tees are funny, unique and clever expectant dad gifts. “These gifts for dad to be are some of the best you can find, something for every kind of Dad including the adorable Daddy to be T-shirt and the ever-so-funny Real Men Change Diapers T-shirt.” says, Dadpreneur Chris Hartsfield.

A popular matching baby and father onesie found on Gifts for dad to be is the I Make Adorable babies T-Shirt is a must for the matching mother in the arsenal of cute baby clothes and Dad apparel.

Top 5 Daddy to Be and New Dad T-Shirts with matching baby apparel:

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1. Daddy To Be Newborn Feet T-shirt 

2. Daddy Bear T-shirt and Little Bear Onesie matching Dad and baby gift set 

3. Fear No Poop and Fear The Poop matching Dad and Baby T-Shirt and Onesie 

4. Real Men Change Diapers Daddy T-Shirt 

5. Kiss Me Baby T-shirt and Free Kisses Onesie matching Dad and baby gift set

In the past, expectant fathers have been overlooked and excluded from baby showers, which has led to a sparse selection of gifts with the daddy to be in mind. Four years ago, a diaper allergic man had an idea to make a gift that would help Dads have a fighting chance with their first diaper change. That gift, The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox is patented (Patent No. 8,047,375) with worldwide distribution to Dad’s with a sense of humor.

The has a treasure trove of tools that make the first diaper change manageable. A few patented items that adorn the dad-to-be are a Poop Poncho, bio-hazard mask, tongs, gloves, and goggles. Think of it as a diaper duty survival kit or gag gifts for new dads. The unexpected surprises a new bundle of joy can shell out tend to produce an environment which is conducive to humor. This makes the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox an ideal gift for expectant dads.

About the Company:

Gifts for Dad to Be and are based in Tampa, Florida. The mission is to develop products that encourage and acknowledge dad´s involvement in raising children with a little lighthearted fun. The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox arms new dads with everything they would need for their very first diaper change as well as provides them with a chuckle as the premier baby shower gift for dad. The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox is patented Patent No. 8,047,375; additional patents are pending.


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Chris Hartsfield
Tampa, Florida

Phone: 855-463-9323
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