November 19, 2012 Monday - updated 09:42 AM PT

Start Christmas Swapping Now With New iPhone App

Washington, United States ( - November 19, 2012)  

With the holiday season approaching people may be wondering how to complete all of their shopping in time. Developers at a startup called Montgojo LLC may have the answer in two apps; “Free Stuff Near Me” and “Santa Swap”. They have developed these two applications that work on iPhones, iPads, and iTouch devices, which might help users turn holiday shopping nightmare into holiday swapping fun!

The idea is simple. Every year people throw away useable stuff all the time: books, clothes, DVDs, toys, etc. At the same time, people living down down the street could be out buying the same things. The app creators hope that by using their application, “Free Stuff Near Me”, it will help more goods find happy homes and not end up in landfills. Users can simply download the app, register, and see all kinds of items near them based on their current location. In seconds users can also start posting ads for free, including using the device’s camera to snap a picture of the item that is being given away. Other users that like an item can simply send a message to the item’s owner through the application.

The “Free Stuff Near Me” app was designed to be quick and simple. Creating an ad takes seconds: enter a title, a short description, snap or use an existing photo, and you’re basically done. Finding items nearby is a snap, too. By default items are filtered by the distance they are from the user’s device, but users can also filter items by entering an address. Users can also save on gas this season by simply looking at what is nearby, since when viewing ads it even tells you how far the items are from you.

For additional fun, the creators have released the complementary app, “Santa Swap”, with the same functionality, but branded for the fun for the holiday season. To show that they truly believe in passing goodwill forward, Montgojo LLC will donate 100% of the profits earned in the month of November and December to Heifer International in order to buy livestock for families in need around the world. “Santa Swap” and “Free Stuff Near Me” are both location-based, free applications and creating ads within them is free. The creators’ income comes from non intrusive in-app ads, so be sure to visit their sponsors as well.

To download the application, users can search on the iTunes Store for “Free Stuff Near Me”,“Santa Swap”, or “Montgojo”.


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