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BMA Assisted Living in Quad Cities To Host Thanksgiving Luncheon

United States ( - November 18, 2012)

Heritage Woods of Moline, a BMA affordable assisted living community in the Quad Cities, is hosting a Thanksgiving Luncheon on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

The public is welcome, and there is no charge, says Meghan Chasek, Administrator of Heritage Woods. “We will be serving from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Heritage Woods is located at 5500 46th Ave. Dr. in Moline, Illinois.

The community provides older adults of all incomes, including those on Medicaid, with the opportunity to live in a residential apartment-home environment and receive personal assistance and help with medications.

Additional information about the Thanksgiving Luncheon or Heritage Woods of Moline can be obtained by calling 309-736-5655.

Heritage Woods is fully certified to operate through the Illinois Supportive Living program and is managed by BMA Management, Ltd., the largest provider of assisted living in Illinois.

“Our focus is on providing older adults with the love, compassion and dignity that they deserve in addition to the care and assistance that they need,” says Rod Burkett, President of BMA. “Our emphasis is on helping each resident to achieve and maintain as much dignity as possible for as long as possible.”

Burkett adds that communities such as Heritage Woods of Moline provide “a wonderful alternative to a nursing home or to struggling alone at home.”

The apartments feature kitchenettes, spacious bathroom with shower and grab bars, and an emergency alert system.

Certified nursing assistants are on-duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Meals, housekeeping and laundry services are included.

Based in Bradley, Illinois, BMA operates 36 senior living communities in Illinois, housing more than 3,300 homes and apartments.

Among the communities managed by BMA are the Heritage Woods of Aledo affordable assisted living community in Aledo, Illinois, and the Grand Prairie affordable assisted living community in Macomb, Illinois.

For more information on BMA Management, Ltd. and the managed senior communities, please visit

Media Contact:

Rick Banas
BMA Management

Phone: 847-529-7174
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