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7 Speed Reading 2013 Aces Software Review

United States ( - November 18, 2012)

There have been many products that recently underwent speed reading software reviews, and for Software Review Boffin, 7 Speed Reading 2013 was the easy pick for a winner. The decision was not based on a whim, that’s for sure. After all, the product was pitted against other leading speed reading brands.

What made 7 Speed Reading 2013 stand out was the fact that it was able to put together all the pieces that make speed reading software most effective. Not only are its functions based on scientific research, but it also makes sure that those scientific principles are translated into something that is more user-friendly.

This particular aspect of the software is where others fall short. Because of the intense focus required to come up with a program that will most efficiently develop the speed reading skills of the user, the basic interface of a system often suffers, getting lost in all the complexity. This is a critical point in the user interface, because even the best techniques aren't much use if users cannot even figure out how to access them in the first place.

With 7 Speed Reading 2013, however, the developers were able to strike that much-needed balance between scientific methods and user-friendly interface. With these two aspects both refined and balanced, the only thing getting in the way of the user from learning how to speed read is his or her own diligence in using the software.

For Marc Slater, director of 7 Speed Reading, the difference is clear. “Our company is well aware that providing the techniques for learning is only the first step, and access to those techniques is also critical. Since we designed this software to be used by children, students, and adults at all levels of reading capability, it made sense that once we had fully developed the precise techniques to use, accessibility was obviously the top priority for us.”

This accessibility, according to both Slater and the reviewer, is what makes 7 Speed Reading 2013 software the success that it is. With this fully-developed system ready to go, it's up to the user to access the techniques and put them to good use.

For more information about how play can contribute in reading development and how children can benefit from using 7 Speed Reading, please visit the official website at

About 7 Speed Reading™

7 Speed Reading is the only modern speed reading software that uses the latest technology to produce superior results.

The software provides its users with a new way to master speed reading that guarantees three times the reading speed along with improved memory and comprehension.

The software is poised as the most comprehensive speed reading system anywhere. It contains seven learning strategies, fifteen software activities, video training, advanced tracking capabilities and many more exciting features.

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