November 17, 2012 Saturday - updated 13:04 PM PT

Living with Cancer and Jesus

Glastonbury, United States ( - November 17, 2012)  

Survivor of Two Cancers Writes Book About Her Journey with Cancer and the Faith That Saved Her Against All Medical Odds

It seems everywhere you turn, almost everybody is affected by cancer in one way or another and the numbers keep climbing. Though medicine and science have come a long way with treatments, one woman who survived two different stage three cancers -says faith played an important role in her journey with the disease.

In her new book “Living with Cancer and Jesus – Hope and Encouragement for Those Living with Cancer,” author Kathy Graff tells of the fear that comes with cancer and her faith in God that saved her after being diagnosed with an almost fatal disease.

This is Ms. Graff’s first published book and is available online at the publisher’s website


Kathy Graff (Author)


Media Contact:

Kathy Graff
Glastonbury, CT

Phone: 860-652-3066
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