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QualityStocks Blog - A Year of Growth and Philanthropy for Skinny Nutritional Corp. (SKNY)

Scottsdale, United States ( - November 17, 2012) It’s been a busy year for Skinny Nutritional, the innovator behind Skinny Water and a leader in the zero-calorie enhanced water category.

The company kicked off 2012 with the introduction of its Skinny Water line of beverages to consumers in the state of Colorado through a distribution agreement with New Age Beverage Company. This came on the heels of a public announcement about the distribution agreement in December of 2011.

In April, Skinny entered into a national partnership with JDRF, a global leader for finding cures and treatments for type 1 diabetes. Skinny signed on to aid JDRF in its type 1 diabetes fundraising efforts throughout the year, agreeing to provide onsite support for 12 designated JDRF “Walk to Cure Diabetes” events throughout the nation. Skinny also agreed to provide hydration stations at partnering JDRF chapter events, and the company additionally committed to provide more than 50,000 bottles of its Skinny Water zero-calorie enhanced beverages to support the JDRF community.

In May, Skinny took steps to further strengthen its Midwest brand presence by entering into a distribution agreement with D&B Grocers Wholesale, Inc., a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Livonia, Mich. This agreement expanded the distribution of Skinny Water throughout state of Michigan.

In July, Skinny announced a financing transaction with Trim Capital LLC involving the issuance of $9 million of preferred and common stock and a $6 million senior secured credit facility. At the initial closing, Skinny sold a $1 million senior secured bridge note. Trim Capital’s investment boosted the company’s momentum to accelerate its marketing and branding initiatives, add new product lines, and build inventory levels.

Also in July, Skinny announced that it was further strengthening its mid-Atlantic market penetration through the A&P retail banner of stores. A&P retail locations, including Pathmark, Superfresh, Waldbaum’s, and A&P, began carrying Skinny Water in 275 locations throughout the mid-Atlantic. This brought Skinny Water’s total retail presence to more than 14,275 stores throughout the U.S.

In August, Skinny announced the addition of Skinny Water pH+, a high-alkaline and electrolyte water, to its product lineup. Infused with minerals, Skinny Water pH+ is inspired by the alkaline diet favored by celebrities, medical practitioners, and health-conscious consumers for keeping the body balanced and promoting weight loss and overall wellbeing.

As an eventful 2012 winds down, Skinny is gearing up for another full year of offering consumers “the ultimate hydration experience” in 2013.

Skinny Nutritional is headquartered in Conshohocken, Penn. The company is the innovator behind Skinny Water, a zero-calorie, zero-sugar, zero-sodium, and zero-preservative enhanced water containing key electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins. Skinny Water currently comes in six flavors: Acai Grape Blueberry, Raspberry Pomegranate, Orange Cranberry Tangerine, Lemonade Passionfruit, Pink Citrus, and Goji Black Cherry. The company plans to launch additional Skinny-branded beverages and products in the future.

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