November 17, 2012 Saturday - updated 13:00 PM PT

Bleak Economy Leads To More Dangerous Drivers.

United Kingdom ( - November 17, 2012) This year's Christmas anti-drink driving campaign, looks certain to result in the prosecution, not only of drivers caught over the legal alcohol limit, but also of a huge number found to be without valid insurance, or an MOT. The claim comes from, and highlights a new report from the Halifax, that reveals that 20% of British Drivers, have driven without a valid MOT, or adequate insurance cover, at some time in their lives,

The report argues, that the number of people driving illegally, has increased as a result of the poor economy. Insurance companies, estimate that there has been a 14% increase, in the number of uninsured drivers who have borrowed somebody else’s car, during the past year. While figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal that 22,000 people, have received penalty points in the last 6 months, for driving without insurance.

In November, the Independent, reported that three quarters of the drivers who did not have a valid MOT, were unaware that it had run out, and that half of those surveyed, did not believe that they were likely to be caught. Many of these people said, that they simply could not afford to renew their documents.

The dangers of being caught though are severe. Drivers without proper insurance can face a £5000 fine, and those found to have a car on the road without an up to date MOT, will receive a £1000 penalty. As the report makes clear, the most serious danger, is that people will be driving around in vehicles that are unsafe, and could pose a danger to members of the public, and themselves.

The report concludes, that in the annual crack down against drivers who have been drinking, many of those guilty of not having the correct documents, will also be caught and prosecuted.

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