November 16, 2012 Friday - updated 10:14 AM PT

iGear Launches Custom iPad Cases for Schools and K-12 Education Market

Chicago, United States ( - November 16, 2012)  

Through a recent survey, asked customers for the features they look for in a “perfect” iPad case, and here are the top 6 answers: 

Protect the iPad from all angles — front, back, all sides, and all corners

Auto wake/sleep using Apple’s smart cover design

Lightweight, thin profile, durable protection without adding bulk

Full access to all ports, buttons, and controls

Multiple viewing angles: completely flat on the table, slightly tilted for typing, and at least three vertical angles for movie watching

Customizable design – let users put their favorite images on the case for a completely customized experience

While some cases on the market have some of these features, finding a customized iPad case generally means giving up front protection, since almost all customizable cases only are available as a one-piece clip-on style for the back of the iPad. While a magnet-attached smart cover can be added, many users are thinking twice about this combination because of the horror stories of users grabbing onto the cover while the iPad itself does a free fall.

The new Custom iPad Case from delivers on all points. The case is engineered to great precision and the iPad fits snugly. The lightweight hard shell case is made with polycarbonate, one of most durable materials around, protecting the iPad from daily use and abuse. The iPad is completely enclosed from all sides, with the precise cutouts for all ports and buttons. The Custom iPad Case comes with two sets of magnets – one set to activate the iPad’s auto wake/sleep feature, and another to keep the case closed when not in use. Using three strategically positioned hinges, the iPad can be positioned at five different viewing angles, from completely flat to vertically tilted for use in any situation.

Most importantly, the customization feature on iGear’s iPad case allows schools to brand each iPad, and students to personalize their gadget. Customers can upload their own photo artwork to the ordering website, scale and crop the image, add text, and approve the design immediately online. The design tool with built-in Facebook integration makes the process super-easy, even for novice users, and the HTML5-based customization engine means it can be used on virtually all mobile devices, including the very iPad the case for which is being designed.

“Quite possibly, this is the world’s most perfect iPad case,” says Jimmy Sun, president of “The case delivers all the features our customers are looking in an iPad case – good protection, light and slim profile, full-customization – it’s one of the best solutions for schools.”

The iPad Custom Case (compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, and the new iPad with Retina Display) and iPad Mini Custom Case (compatible with iPad Mini) are available from Regularly priced at $89.99 and $79.99 each, students can order with coupon code “k1225off” and get a 25% discount, while schools should contact directly to obtain pricing for larger quantities.

About is powered by Sunrise Digital, an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and employs the most advanced equipment and technology, such as G7-certified HP Indigo and UV flatbed presses, and digital die-cutting, to create best-in-class products. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide.


Media Contact:

Jimmy Sun
Sunrise Digital
Chicago, IL

Phone: 773-792-6380 11
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