November 16, 2012 Friday - updated 10:09 AM PT

Another Cheap Android Tablet PC by Idolian. 9 Inch Tablet for less than $150.

Newport Beach, United States ( - November 16, 2012)  

Idolian Mobile ( announces IdolPad 9, a new Android Tablet PC model at a low price of $148. The newest Idolian Tablet PC features the Android 4.0 operating system and a 9-inch capacitive touch screen. At $148, the IdolPad 9 is the lowest priced 9-inch Android Tablet PC currently available in the market.

The IdolPad 9 follows Idolian’s highly successful IdolPad PLUS priced at $98, which has garnered heavy interest and continues in popularity with a large number of sales since it was released. Customer satisfaction with the product has been extremely positive as well.

IdolPad 9 tablet pc offers a capacitive touch screen which has a lower response time and is more sensitive than a resistive touch screen. Also, the capacitive touch screen transmits 90 percent of the light emitted from it which provides a better viewing experience. It also offers a Cortex A8 1.2 GHz CPU processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB storage on Android 4.0. The design is very thin and light with fully functional Android Google Play. And with its price tag of $148, the IdolPad 9 is significantly less expensive than competitors, such as the Apple ipad and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Expecting to generate heavy interest in the product, Jay Kim, founder of Idolian Mobile states that “The IdolPad 9 will be available for pre-orders on our website ( by November 16th and shipping will begin December 3rd.” Also, it will be available for sale on Amazon, Sears and as well.

In addition to the IdolPad 9, Idolian will introduce another cheap android tablet pc, STUDIO IPS within the next couple of weeks which is first dual core processor tablet PC with IPS touch panel with 10.1 inch high resolution screen. The company also plans to add an action camera/camcorder to its current product offerings. 

Currently, Idolian offers 8 different Tablet PC models from its website. Tablet PC accessories and an extended protection plan are also available.

“We are excited about the release of IdolPad 9 and its impact on the Tablet PC market. We continue to offer the most affordable Tablet PCs available today,” says Kim.

About Idolian Mobile 

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Idolian Mobile Inc. ( is a manufacturer and supplier of Tablet PCs and Tablet accessories. Since its inception, Idolian Mobile has put affordable Tablet PCs into the hands and homes of extremely satisfied customers worldwide.


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