November 16, 2012 Friday - updated 13:00 PM PT

UK Couples Forgive Cheating Partners

United Kingdom ( - November 16, 2012) An article published by Weekly reveals that UK attitudes to infidelity appear to be changing.  A survey commissioned by the site shows a steady decline in the % of married people who would divorce their partner for cheating on them.  Of the respondents only 38% claimed they would get a divorce with 62% saying they would forgive or forgive with terms.

“These figures may show that the UK’s attitudes to marriage and adultery are adapting themselves to modern living where increased life expectancy levels mean that the time any couple could stay married, is longer than at any time in history.”


These statistics fly in the face of traditionally held values of marriage in the UK promoted by both state and religion, but do appear to represent a large proportion of the general populace.  Even specialised legal practices have noticed the change by highlighting the attitudes in law allowing for reconciliation between estranged partners.

“if one spouse has an affair and the couple then reconcile their marriage for more than 6 months, the past adultery cannot be thrown up as a ground for divorce.”

Brookman Solicitors – English & International Family Lawyers   

The article cites many different sources in support of its case including Pamela Druckerman and media outlets across the UK including The Guardian and The Daily Mail have been reporting increased changes in attitudes to infidelity for quite some time now.   The Guardian quoted Esther Perel  - a New York based couples therapist – as being quick to remind the world that somewhere, sometime everyday someone is cheating, considering cheating or looking at the stories of someone else cheating with a bit of envy.  All of these reports appear to assert the same thing - that with every marriage and relationship there is always the possibility of an affair and we need to change our attitudes to affairs and jealousy.

The stats shown by Weekly Independent seem to show that this attitude change is already happening in the UK.

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