November 15, 2012 Thursday - updated 09:01 AM PT

USA Networks‘ Founder, Kay Koplovitz, Announces Brand New Company Website

New York, United States ( - November 15, 2012)  

Kay Koplovitz, Founder of USA Networks and Sci-Fi Channel and Chairman of the Board of Fifth & Pacific (Formerly Liz Claiborne, Inc. and Springboard Enterprises) announces the creation of a new Koplovitz website which will house all information on this champion of women in business. The new Koplovitz website includes, her Huffington Post Blogs, Twitter stream and current and planned activities related to ‘Womens’ Entrepreneurship, Board Diversity and putting more women on Boards, Board Governance issues and her activities having to do with Media all in one place.

Kay Koplovitz remarked, “Today I have a portfolio of businesses that range from Fortune 500 companies to start-up entrepreneurs. The bridge between them is human capital. I want to share my experiences in both worlds with those who aspire to scale healthy businesses no matter the size when they begin. I have a special focus on women; women as corporate board members, as investors and entrepreneurs. They are the emerging market that will drive the global economy.”

Ms. Koplovitz is author of the book “Bold Women, Big Ideas” and Chairman and CEO of Koplovitz & Company and co-founder of Springboard Enterprises,

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