November 15, 2012 Thursday - updated 08:58 AM PT

A Great Year is Coming Up to Reach Out to the Hispanic Market! Here is the Media Kit 2013 for El Puente Newspaper (Indiana-Michigan). Latinos in the Midwest!

Goshen, United States ( - November 15, 2012)  

Hispanics in the US have proven the influence they have on the shaping of this country after the November election.

Reach out to the growing Hispanic Market in the US!

Attached is the 2013 Media Kit for El Puente Newspaper.

It includes information on distribution, publishing dates, sizes and prices.

Print Advertising * Classifieds Ads * Online Advertising

El Puente Newspaper has been reaching the Hispanic audience of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan since 1992.

More importantly, your continued support helps them to provide a news and information source for the community in the form of a Free Publication available to their readers in over 200 locations.

Keep El Puente Newspaper in mind for future marketing plans. They look forward to working with you in 2013!

Let them know if they can assist you with any additional information.


Media Contact:

Yizzar Prieto
El Puente Newspaper
Goshen, IN

Phone: 574-533-9082
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