November 14, 2012 Wednesday - updated 11:32 AM PT

Carl Blackburn Fine Jewelry Buyers Launches International Website

San Diego, United States ( - November 14, 2012)

Carl Blackburn Fine Jewelry Buyers has launched a worldwide website for clients who wish to sell diamonds and fine jewelry discreetly and conveniently, while getting an honest price. The new website demonstrates why Carl Blackburn’s company is among the world’s most widely-recognized estate buyers of large diamonds and extraordinary fine jewelry.

In recent years, many people seeking extra cash have sold their old gold jewelry to online gold buyers and gold buying kiosks in shopping malls. However, these gold buying establishments usually focus on buying simple gold jewelry. Customers with large carat diamond rings and high-brand diamond jewelry from Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Harry Winston, and other top brands often struggle to find a jewelry buyer who can pay them a fair price.

Carl Blackburn Fine Jewelry Buyers caters to these clients who own diamond jewelry and timepieces with appraisal values that range upward to $250,000 and beyond. “While upscale luxury jewelry and diamond buyers have operated in places like Beverly Hills, New York, and London for many decades, the business model that we've developed is notably different,” says Blackburn.

“From the flexible funding options that we offer our clients to the manner in which we share our knowledge and expertise with complete transparency, we are a pioneer among luxury asset brokers, providing estate sellers with an experience like no other in the industry today.”

According to Blackburn, clients usually have cash in hand within 30 minutes of walking into his company’s private and secure buying offices, which are located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of Downtown, San Diego. When a client cannot conveniently travel to Carl Blackburn Fine Jewelry Buyers, insured FedEx shipping can be arranged or potentially a confidential visit to the seller’s home, place of business, or local bank.

“Owners of high-value diamond jewelry and timepieces place their trust in us because of our proven track record for the highest ethics, professionalism, and discretion,” says Blackburn, who is a 2nd generation estate jeweler and internationally-recognized fine jewelry designer.

Daily operations of Carl Blackburn Fine Jewelry Buyers is managed by both Blackburn and his business partner and head diamond buyer Izhak Abu. “We are unique among estate buyers in that our head diamond buyer is a skilled diamond cutter and experienced diamond broker,” says Blackburn. “On a quick but thorough inspection, Izhak will know exactly what your diamond is worth on the global market. If your diamond is a poor cut, he often will still buy it so that he can re-cut it to make it more valuable.”

Blackburn’s professional expertise is founded on decades of experience as an estate jeweler and diamond jewelry designer. As the company’s head fine jewelry buyer, Blackburn has in-depth knowledge of luxury brand valuation and the historical periods of fine jewelry making, such as Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco. Over the years, Blackburn has developed a unique worldwide resale network of individual buyers and collectors. This network enables him to pay more cash for designer and antique jewelry because he has buyers for those items already established and waiting.

For more information on how to sell diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, and luxury timepieces to Carl Blackburn Fine Jewelry Buyers, please visit their new website at:

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Alan Blyler
Carl Blackburn Fine Jewelry Buyers
San Diego, CA

Phone: (619) 531-8980
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