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XFT Strength System Great Holiday Gift for Football Players!

United States ( - November 13, 2012)  

The XFT Strength System by C.J. Easter is an instantly accessible product designer to help football coaches and football players learn strength to play a better football game. The product sells for $17 dollars and comes with a money back guarantee. More information on the product, with testimonials, can be accessed by clicking here:

“ I know football! Before I became A Certified High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I Was Best Known As Stanford #12,” said C.J. Easter. “The holiday season is coming up. Cyber Monday is only a few weeks away. Why not give the gift of strength and competitive advantage to the football enthusiast in your life? I mean, what other gift comes with a money back guarantee?”

Strength training in Football is vitally important. According to, “Our proprietary power ratings model iteratively analyzes information on every game, including team performance, home/away status, margin of victory, and other factors. As each season progresses, the power ratings model builds a sophisticated, multi-layered web of knowledge: how each team has performed in various game scenarios, the strength of each team's opponents, the strength of each team's opponents' opponents, and so on.”

The XFT Strength System was exclusively designed to help coaches and athletes reach their full potential. Coaches across the country will find this product helpful because it is easily accessible, affordable, and developed by a professional football player. “NFL coaches are invited to use my product. But, high-school and college football coaches need the XFT Strength System,” continued Easter.

The XFT Strength System will help football coaches teach strength. The completely “done-for-you” program has exact sequence and progression of every drill. Buy today, use today. Coaches can buy it, print it, and use the scripts on the field immediately. Members of the media are encouraged to contact C.J. Easter or Helene Vece for a gratis copy. Interviews with C.J. Easter are available for qualified members of the press. More info can be obtained by visiting:


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Helene Vece
Body Solutions Inc / JumpStart Ink

Phone: 702-749-5925
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