November 13, 2012 Tuesday - updated 08:54 AM PT

Perfect Fit Technologies takes on ZAGG with their Screen Shield® & Perfect Fit Applicator

Tampa, United States ( - November 13, 2012)  

Recently launching its full screen protector product line, 2011 start-up company Perfect Fit Technologies, Inc. enters into the device protection industry with new cases, screen protectors, and patent pending applicators that promise to challenge even long-time industry leaders such as ZAGG.

For consumers, Perfect Fit Tech offers a revolutionary solution to the most frustrating aspect of screen protection - the installation process. The Perfect Fit Applicator conforms to each mobile device for flawless screen protector installation in seconds.

Perfect Fit Screen Shield® screen protectors come preloaded into the Perfect Fit Applicator. Installation is as simple as placing your device into the applicator, applying pressure, lifting out the device and peeling off the protective layer. VP of Product Research & Development, Matthew Skinner says, “We found that many people were paying a premium to have retail stores install their screen protectors because they couldn’t get it right. We knew there had to be a way to make the process simple and easy for the consumer without the added cost.”

Keeping pace with the larger device protection companies, Perfect Fit Tech has already released its Apple iPhone 5 Screen Shield® and has started taking orders for the Apple iPad mini and iPad 4th generation Screen Shield® early this month. Perfect Fit Tech has also started making custom film applicator and coating solutions for companies in the medical and hospitality industries that need a quick, easy and perfect application on their devices.

Perfect Fit Tech not only boasts an easier, more hassle-free installation of their product, but the screen protectors themselves have several components that are sure to entice consumers, including scratch and fingerprint resistant coating as well as ultra-clear and anti-glare technology. Unlike other screen protectors, the Perfect Fit Screen Shield® is applied dry and leaves no sticky residue when removed.

With new products and a focus on meeting consumers’ needs, Perfect Fit Tech is poised to make an impact in the device protection industry for years to come. Perfect Fit Tech is currently offering free shipping worldwide to encourage more online sales.

About Perfect Fit Technologies

Perfect Fit Technologies is a start-up company based in Tampa, Florida. 

Founded on the idea that technology should be simple and the results should be perfect. 

Products include protective cases and pre-loaded Screen Shield® Perfect Fit Applicators for all of the latest Apple devices. For more information, visit:


Media Contact:

Perfect Fit Tech
Perfect Fit Tech
Tampa, Florida

Phone: 813-358-4004
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