November 12, 2012 Monday - updated 08:29 AM PT

Costa Rican Medical Care Free Seminar Details Business and Retirement Options in Costa Rica

Lake Geneva, United States ( - November 12, 2012)

Costa Rican Medical Care, a leading provider of medical and dental tourism plans in Costa Rica, is offering a seminar on healthcare, business expansion and retirement options in Costa Rica on Wednesday, November 14th at 1:00 pm CST. This is a free seminar featuring speakers both in the U.S. and in Costa Rica.

This seminar will focus on three areas:

Costa Rican Medical and Dental Care, Inc.

Costa Rican Medical Care, Inc. has helped many people save on medical or dental procedures through its extensive , internationally accredited network of medical and dental providers in Costa Rica. Learn how this program can help you.

Business Placement

Latin America is a growing marketplace for goods and services and many U. S. and European businesses are investigating the possibilities in Costa Rica, whether it be setting up an office or manufacturing facility or simply distributing their products. The seminar will detail how Costa Rican Medical Care can help the right introductions and contacts to enter this market.

Retirement Living in Costa Rica

George Lundquist, who has been providing tours “Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security” for more than 7 years, will discuss locations, health care, real estate and many other details outlined in his successful tours. George will discuss also how taking his tour and talking with those who have already made the move has been very beneficial for anyone thinking of relocating or buying property in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican Medical Care, Inc. invites anyone interested in finding out more about Costa Rica to enroll for this free seminar. Sign-up on the website:

Media Contact:

Timothy Morales
Costa Rican Medical Care
Lake Geneva, WI

Phone: 262-348-1300
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