November 11, 2012 Sunday - updated 19:56 PM PT

171,000 more jobs created, Says the Mail Tribune

Boise, United States ( - November 11, 2012)

Sales jobs increase as the demand for housing, construction, and furniture increases. 171,000 jobs have increased in the U.S, according to a release by Mail Tribune on the 3rd of November, and the figures are still seeing a growth. Furthermore, shifts from retail to online purchases have also lead to an increase in sales of various goods and services as it is much easier for the consumers to order products and have them reached at their doorstep. It saves consumers the time and the energy to shop in physical markets.

The sales are not just limited to the housing industry; even food services are seeing a phenomenal increase in their sales. This means that the consumers are contributing to the economic growth of the United States that was rather stagnant since the last few years. Although purchase of houses and automobiles is increasing, it is believed that many citizens are still looking at this as a means of saving their money into long-term assets due to the depreciating value of the US dollar.

The US government is trying to understand the concerns of the citizens so that proper economic projections and decisions can be made. It is believed that the consumers are feeling wealthier due to the benefits offered by mortgage refinancing and loan providing companies. The easy availability of cash has lead to the general increase in demand for durable goods.

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