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Disaster Supplies Asia, SEO Service Group's Latest Client, Helps Professionals Prep For Disaster

United States ( - November 11, 2012)

Disaster can strike at any moment. Disaster Supplies Asia wants to ensure that professionals are ready and prepared to respond when an emergency situation arises. The company is working with SEO Service Group to spread the word about their products, which are being offered at a reduced rate.

Although no one hopes for a disaster, it is important to be prepared for one as they often strike without any warning. "Are you prepared for the aftermath of an earthquake strike? Our emergency kits can ensure you have the essentials while help is on the way. Our kits can be ordered in bulk quantities. Our product range is well equipped to handle the after effects of a flood. Our products include life jackets, rafts, emergency lamps and others," stated a Disaster Supplies Asia staff member.

One of the greatest concerns during an emergency is water. The company also offers a selection of water storage solutions to keep supplies of water clean and safe for drinking. Part of what makes Disaster Supplies Asia so successful is their commitment to quality. The company understands that their products are being used to save lives, so they ensure that their products are top of the line.

"We create our products as per client's requirements, further its possible to have special artwork printed on the equipment as per client requirements. We are proud to have more than 30 years of experience in the Far East, our products and services come with a quality assurance. All of our products undergo a strict and constant quality standard check which is verified in the factory by the Quality Control Department," said a staff member. Reliability is a major factor when it comes to purchasing equipment and supplies for emergency purposes.

For more information about Disaster Supplies Asia and to browse through their selection of emergency supplies, please visit

About Disaster Supplies Asia

For over thirty years, Disaster Supplies Asia has been selling emergency supplies and equipment for professionals and wholesalers. All of their products undergo strict quality standard tests multiple times to ensure that their products can withstand disaster conditions. A wide range of supplies, including medical kits, blankets, safety clothes, walkie talkies, binoculars and more are available for purchase. Products can be bought in bulk quantities.

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