November 11, 2012 Sunday - updated 19:47 PM PT Provides Intuitive Minecraft Mod Loader Information For Gamers

Phoenix, United States ( - November 11, 2012)

Keeping more than 40 million registrants and 7 million game purchasing fans glued to their monitors is Minecraft, a game about placing blocks to build practically anything that the player can imagine.

The gameplay works with monsters coming out at night, compelling a player to "build a shelter" before the attack happens. Background music accompanies the game, creating a mood that blends suspense and excitement.

Minecraft Mod Loader is a new online resource that is dedicated to featuring the popular Minecraft game title, which is equally successful on PC and on Xbox 360 console. Created by and for the Minecraft community, offers comprehensive, up-to-date information about the game that has taken the PC and Xbox 360 playing field by storm. emphasizes on the one of the best things about the Minecraft game: the ability to use mods. The website features a post that talks about mods, emphasizing on MinecraftEdu, which is designed to help teachers in classrooms. also features in detail the latest Minecraft update, v1.3.1, which was released August 2012. The website's coverage of the update extends from a discussion of large scale changes under the engine to modifications in the core gameplay.

Other Minecraft topics taking the limelight on the website include Minecraft editions with skin packs, the new Minecraft – Game of Thrones and Minecraft passwords security. also enables visitors to post comments and reactions to the topics and discussions, encouraging individuals with a mutual liking for the game to share thoughts.

For more information about the Minecraft title game and Minecraft Mod Loader, please visit for more details.

ABOUT serves as an online resource for everything Minecraft, the PC and Xbox 360 game that has gained enormous popularity and reaped huge sales success.

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