November 11, 2012 Sunday - updated 19:44 PM PT

Altman Fitness Offers Customized Nutrition Services

Minnesota, United States ( - November 11, 2012)

Altman Fitness in Minnesota is helping clients gear up for the holiday season by offering customized nutrition services. According to Altman Fitness, and other reliable sources, food is considered to be the most powerful drug on Earth! And, the holiday season is notorious as an excuse for indulging in cookies, cakes, and pies. Altman Fitness’ customized nutrition services are designed to help people lose weight, stay healthy, and understand their bodies.

“We have three options through the Altman Fitness website for people looking to learn about customized nutrition and Metabolic Typing,” said Jay Altman, Co-owner of Altman Fitness. “Metabolic typing helps provide customize nutritional information on why a co-worker might eat a ton of holiday cookies and not gain a single pound while the other person takes a sip of Eggnog and gains five pounds. The personalization and understanding of how food and nutrition correlate really is worth the investment.”

Altman Fitness’ customized nutrition | Metabolic Typing programs start at $159 dollars “Our website offers more information on the different programs our company offers. Plus, there is information on our popular 28-Day Fat Loss Formula,” continued Altman. Individuals interested in learning more about Altman Fitness’ customized nutrition plans and Metoblic Typing are encouraged to click here: 

Jay and Kelly Altman own Altman Fitness in Minnesota. Together, the couple have grown their business and guided high school, college and pro athletes, in addition to top level executives to achieve phenomenal results in record time. 

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Jay Altman 

(612) 454-6409

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Helene Vece
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Phone: 702-749-5925
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