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Indianapolis Fitness Center – NIFS - Takes Green to Great Heights

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NIFS, National Institute for Fitness and Sport, recently changed out 131 of its lighting fixtures with 92 "green" lamps and the results have been astounding. Now NIFS expects to reduce energy bills by $1,000 a month and enjoy an IPL rebate of $12,000. Energy savings and cost are not the only benefits. Now NIFS patrons can enjoy a brighter and healthier place to work out because the new lighting almost triples the old lamps output.

The 7 month process to change lights began when a member at NIFS approached a staff person with the idea. That member had just gone through the same transfer process and was so satisfied with the results, they wanted NIFS to benefit.

So, Maintenance Manager, Victor Bristow, got in touch with Energy Conservation who analyzed the NIFS facility and then gave ideas on how to save money, reduce NIFS carbon footprint and become more sustainable. "I've been working with David Reifeis since last March," said Bristow "and right away we were impressed with the numbers he was giving us and were ready to move on the project."

Since NIFS is an IUPUI building, the project needed to go through multiple approvals, which IUPUI was happy to give. So, on October 13, 2012, NIFS 400 watt double-lamped fixtures that directed light to the ceiling, were replaced by single 250 watt fixtures that pointed down. Previously, NIFS had a mere 12.5 candles of light per square foot, now it is a bright, 33 candles per square foot.

Energy Consumption

Before: 60.1 kilowatts per month

After: 24.1 kilowatts per month

Savings = 35.9 kilowatts

Cost of lamp

Before: $60 (with double the amount of lamps needed)

After: $31 each

"Because it's so light," Bristow jokes, "we'll have to clean more because the new lighting will make every speck of dust more visible." That will make for a cleaner, brighter and more healthy environment for patrons of NIFS greener, 65,000 square-foot fitness facility.

Another interesting note is that the new bulbs will also last longer than NIFS' old ones. Made with carbonate resin, they last a minimum of 20,000 hours, but some have been known to last as long as 50,000 hours.

The heat in the old bulbs had a solid aluminum reflector which holds heat in and causes it to burn out faster. The new bulbs can be handled with bare hands while it's burning because it diffuses the heat.

NIFS is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing human health, physical fitness and athletic performance through research, education and service. NIFS 65,000-foot, open-to-the-public fitness center resides in downtown Indianapolis. NIFS also offers corporate and senior fitness center management with centers located in over 20 states as well as corporate wellness programming and consulting.

Energy Conservation was founded in the Spring of 2009 by Mike Foerster and David Reifeis. In these short years of operation, ECI has gained a reputation and approval of many government agencies, manufacturers and commercial business owners for their experience and knowledge in power factor correction. ECI’s goal is to provide clients with timely energy audits and the installation of properly engineered equipment or products for immediate results to reduce their bottom line.

Media Contact:

Tara Weichel
National Institute for Fitness and Sport

Phone: 317-274-3432 ext. 20
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