November 10, 2012 Saturday - updated 10:23 AM PT

Business as Usual at CSU Industries Despite Ferocity of Hurricane Sandy

Cedarhurst, United States ( - November 10, 2012)  

As Hurricane Sandy swept along the East Coast of the U.S. last week, CSU Industries provided critical IT support to clients in the Northeast and around the world, many of whom were struggling with outages of critical systems due to the storm. This presented no small feat since CSU’s main operations center is located in one of the hardest hit areas, Long Island, NY. CSU’s staff rose to the occasion while facing challenges such as transportation, lack of electricity, destroyed local offices and employees who lost homes because of flooding or fires.

During the storm, CSU closely monitored Hurricane Sandy and its possible effects on critical operations. Contingency plans were in place to ensure the safety and well-being of staff members and to minimize Hurricane Sandy's effect on the company’s ability to continue to provide critical services to customers. CSU's internal IT environment, as well as its renowned 24x7 global Help Desk is well distributed geographically and completely fault-tolerant, and continued to operate uninterrupted.

CSU's Business Continuity plans were implemented, with headquarters relocated from the flooded Cedarhurst offices to conference rooms in Melville, NY. CSU’s team toiled to ensure there was little or no impact on service delivery in areas not directly affected by the storm, and minimal impact on areas directly affected.

CSU overcame many logistical and environmental obstacles in order to continue its world-renowned service delivery to end-users. For example, when a major international conglomerate located in NYC had their data center shut down due to the storm, dedicated Technical Staff members labored to get into Manhattan with the required parts despite a three-person per car restriction at all East River crossings. Similarly, when a large national media outfit with a data center in downtown Brooklyn had a serious issue on a major production system that required same-day attention service and restoration, CSU came to the rescue – in an unrestricted Yellow cab.

“I continue to be amazed at how CSU as a company remained 'online' throughout this ordeal,” said Avram Weissman, CEO. “Although our headquarters lost power for days, as did our first backup datacenter, we managed to be up 100% of the time with a secondary backup center and a team of amazing employees who worked either remotely or at our temporary Melville “office” to ensure every one of our customers received the support they’ve come to expect from CSU.”

Established in 1980, CSU Industries, Inc. provides thousands of customers worldwide with quality IT equipment and solution designs, HW & SW support and other professional support services. CSU’s sophisticated logistical processes, customized software applications and customer-oriented IT support programs contribute to the company’s highest success rate in meeting SLAs. Renowned for its world-class Help Desk – manned 24x7 by live CSU professional s– CSU’s unparalleled support program includes contract management, disaster replacement, and remote and on-site system administration services.



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Aviva Friedlander
CSU Industries
Cedarhurst, NY

Phone: 877-910-UNIX
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