November 10, 2012 Saturday - updated 10:14 AM PT

MapMuse Announces Release of 2012 Turkey Farms Locator

Reston, United States ( - November 10, 2012)

MapMuse today announced the release of the 2012 Turkey Farms Locator, a free map-based web application that connects home chefs with specialty turkey breeders. Families who have grown tired of standard store-bought birds from at mainstream grocery chains can now find local heritage and free-range turkey sellers with a click of their mouse.

“With the launch of the Turkey Farms Locator, families no longer have an excuse to eat bland, mass-produced turkey for Thanksgiving dinner,” says MapMuse owner Mike Pilon. The map plots over 430 specialty turkey farms that sell their birds directly to home buyers. Free-range turkeys are raised humanely in the open air and sunshine, and are never administered antibiotics or hormones to manipulate growth. Heritage turkeys are breeds that have been isolated since the early 20th century, and are leaner and richer in flavor than industrial birds. Although both free-range and heritage turkeys are sold at a premium, the difference in taste is well worth the price for families that can afford it. “Once you go heritage, you never go back,” says Pilon.

The Turkey Farms Locator is built on an interactive map, which is populated with hundreds of icons representing the locations of turkey farms. Clicking on an icon brings up the farm’s profile page, which is contains relevant information such as breeds for sale, raising conditions, contact information, and photos. Users can get driving directions from any location with the click of a button, or visit the farm’s website for pricing and pick-up information. “Our goal when designing the map was to make it as easily as possible to learn about and get to theses farms, in the hope that it isn’t prohibitively time-consuming to do so,” says Pilon. Users are also encouraged to submit photos and reviews of farms they visit, as well as suggest edits to profiles as information changes.

The Turkey Farms Locator can be accessed free of charge at Users may also be interested in other Thanksgiving themed maps, including the Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Locator and the Turkey Trots Locator.

MapMuse is an Internet and app development company based in Reston, Virginia. It bills itself as the best site to “find places to live, learn, work, and play,” and has created thousands of locator maps and apps for the general public over the past decade. For more information on MapMuse, please refer to their website.

Media Contact:

Michael Pilon
MapMuse Inc.
Reston, Virginia

Phone: (202) 387-3857
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