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Online Marketing Jobs Expected to Increase in 2013 Says DotComSecrets

Boise, United States ( - November 10, 2012)  

While a few years from now physical workplaces were of the utmost importance to most companies, the dynamic working conditions are helping both, the employers and the employees. While employees have the choice of choosing their working hours and working from their homes and saving on transportation costs, the employers are saving on the expenses to run a physical workplace; costs such as rent, electricity, and stationary are significantly reduced for businesses with online set-ups.

It is expected that the online marketing jobs will see a considerable boost in the USA during the year 2013 according to a research by DotComSecrets. According to job market analysts, this would be owed to the increased likelihood for businesses to move online. Furthermore, such a trend is likely to change the preference of many US-based students to move towards degrees related to media and computer skills rather than the traditional business administration qualifications.

The US government also understands the need for the population to have computer-related skills and the NGO’s have started programs to educate the locals through online training programs. These programs are free of cost and improve the chances for the job seekers to get online jobs. The online job market will not only help lessen the burden on government expenditure, but will also help boost the economy through increased employment rate and higher economic growth.

DotComSecrets teaches businesses how to market their products online and find the right employers to get the job done. Therefore, it serves as a good starting point for people who have no idea about online jobs, and businesses that wish to move their set-up online. A variety of jobs and companies can be found on the website, providing choice to the users. More information regarding the service offerings of DotComSecrets can be found on The website also provides insights on how one can register for the webinars and also avail previous videos of renowned speakers.


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