November 09, 2012 Friday - updated 08:06 AM PT

Rentec Property Management Software Introduces the First Fully Integrated Tenant Screening, EFT, and Tenant Communication Solution for Landlords

Grants Pass, United States ( - November 09, 2012)  

Rentec Direct, an industry leading property management software solution provider, announces a suite of fully integrated tools designed specifically for landlords and small-mid size property management companies. Within the integrated package landlords can easily manage their tenant accounting, perform tenant screening, communicate with tenants by email or sms, and initiate electronic fund (ACH) transfers to and from tenant accounts. All this is done directly in the application, and is all available instantly to any landlord.

A fully integrated platform has numerous advantages for landlords. Unlike the other solutions on the market, this integrated suite allows the landlord to complete their task without ever leaving the application that they are already familiar with. This means no additional logins to remember, or alternate windows to deal with. Also since much of the data already exists within Rentec, there is no double-entry. Integrating these features saves valuable time and helps prevent data entry mistakes which have an instant benefit to any property manager’s bottom line.

Advance tenant screening is a necessary and critical tool used by landlords nationwide to help secure financially stable tenants. Previously these tools have only been available to larger landlords; however, Rentec now brings this functionality to all landlords whether they rent one unit or five hundred units. Rentec Direct enhances the tenant screening experience by putting the tools right into the application and then makes the reports directly accessible to the property manager. By entering just a few details about the tenant, the property manager has instant reports displaying the tenant’s credit, criminal, and eviction history.

Another wildly successful tool for property managers is EFT (also commonly known as ACH) which automatically collects funds from tenants. Similar to the actions utility companies took many years ago to streamline their payment process, this same process of automatically deducting rent from a tenant’s checking account is now available to all landlords. Rentec has integrated with key banks to bring EFT transfers directly into the application. Initiating an EFT is as simple as clicking the tenant, entering their banking information and transaction amount, and clicking submit.

Any industry, but especially property management, good communication tools are a must. Rentec has developed and integrated full email and sms (mobile text-message) support into the application and integrated with every mobile operator servicing the US. This provides three important benefits to property managers. First, all communication is saved and cannot be lost, which is a requirement of the industry that is often overlooked. Second, the communication tools are quick and easy to access using existing data such as a saved email or mobile phone number. Third, group messaging and database merge functionality can convert a laborious day of sending letters or emails into just a few seconds of work.

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About Rentec Direct 

Rentec Direct provides cloud based rental software solutions for property managers and landlords. Other popular solutions offered by Rentec Direct include tenant ACH payment processing, tenant screening, and online syndication of vacancies to more than 20 popular websites.


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