November 08, 2012 Thursday - updated 08:54 AM PT

New E-Book, "Own the Zone" by Allan Colman, teaches professionals like lawyers and accountants how to dominate, sell and close business in a short, pithy format.

Los Angeles, United States ( - November 08, 2012)  

Just released is "Own the Zone: What Leaders Need to Know About The Closing Zone" by Dr. Allan Colman is a must-read for business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs interested in growing their businesses. This easy-to-read sales strategy book not only encourages professionals to pay attention to the details when meeting with potential clients, it also gives step-by-step instructions about how to get past the pain and discomfort of asking for the business.

Colman takes his readers through the process of finding the right prospects, planning and conducting meetings, out-thinking the competition, determining and utilizing the potential client's needs and, most important, winning and keeping the business.

Unlike many sales books written for the non-professional, this book combines many techniques in a framework that will feel comfortable for a professional selling a high-end service, rather than the sales books designed for salespeople selling products or lower-end services.

Allan's experience in the legal market, as an owner and co-founder of Decision Quest and his own academic background, holding a doctorate in Finance, give him a unique platform from which to guide and educate business owners.


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