November 07, 2012 Wednesday - updated 08:43 AM PT

Rotobec Optimax Stationary Mount Loader is Now Being Sold Worldwide!

United States ( - November 07, 2012)  

The Optimax Stationary Mount Loader is ideal for handing a variety of materials such as logs, scrap metal, waste and bulk material. The unit can be equipped with a variety of different grapples in order to effectively meet the users needs.

The Optimax is available with a wide variety of different options.

Options Include: 

Optional heel booms (live or dead)

Telescopic boom

Cylinder protectors

Cab heater or air conditioner

Front windshield guard

Cab extension

AM/FM radio

CB radio

Rotobec’s updated line of loaders also includes The Horizon and The Elite.

For more information on the Optimax Loader or any other Rotobec products, please contact:

Mark Shukla

Director of Sales and Marketing

(424) 653-9019



Media Contact:

Mark Shukla
Rotobec Inc

Phone: (424) 653-9019
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