November 06, 2012 Tuesday - updated 09:15 AM PT

gbtimes reports on China’s leadership change

Tampere, Finland ( - November 06, 2012)  

“Whoever is chosen as General Secretary becomes the President of the second largest economy in the world. This change in China’s top leadership, especially with the US presidential elections on November 6, will have a profound effect on what happens on the global stage.” Jussi-Pekka Koskiranta, Editor-in-chief of gbtimes, explains.

“To most people, China’s political system is still somewhat of a mystery, so this is an opportunity for them to observe how it works. Does China have a Constitution? Do they have an election or a selection? Is China a democracy? These are questions that people are trying to find an answer to,” Jaycee Lui, Senior editor of gbtimes, points out.

According to Lui, the Third Angle special report on China’s leadership change “is a chance for us to address these questions and lay to rest some misconceptions that people might have.” 

gbtimes’ The Third Angle special report on China’s leadership change brings both global and Chinese perspective to this once-in-a-decade event. With expert interviews, in-depth articles and Third Angle Insight videos, the special report offers up-to-date information for both media professionals and the general public.


For Third Angle special report: Jaycee Lui (jaycee (dot) lui (at) gbtimes (dot) com) +358 10 322 8647 

For gbtimes: Henrik Resman (henrik (dot) resman (at) gbtimes (dot) com) +358 40 7319333


GBTIMES, Ltd. is a broadcasting company that focuses on introducing China to the world and vice versa. We have a network of radio and partner TV stations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We also produce the multilingual which is published in 10 languages. has the latest news and information about China and the world as it relates to China. Updated daily, the website has articles, features and videos about Chinese lifestyle, food, travel, history and culture. The Third Angle Special Report looks at the most important world events from both global and Chinese perspectives.

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