November 05, 2012 Monday - updated 09:14 AM PT

Important Customer Service Announcement

United States ( - November 05, 2012)

Important Customer Service Announcement

Effective September 4th, 2012 Rotobec USA will offer a new 800 number to take calls related to grapple and loader sales.

This toll free number will 855-Rotobec (768-6232) the direct email to Sales support will be sales(at)rotobec(dot)net

This new toll free number will help with; 

Placement of orders for loaders and grapples

Questions on existing grapple or loader orders

Questions and recommendations on grapples and loaders for your application

Our dedicated customer service staff will be there to ensure you are looked after promptly.

Your Rotobec salesman is also available for consultation and site visits.

Please consult our web site for your territory representative.

Parts and service support will remain 603.444.2103 for the Eastern US and 250.765.1161 for the Western US

Media Contact:

Mark Shukla
Rotobec Inc

Phone: (424) 653-9019
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