November 05, 2012 Monday - updated 12:04 PM PT Opens Its Doors, Welcomes Conservatives

San Francisco, United States ( - November 05, 2012)  

Frankly speaking, the Internet is not a very beautiful place. Communities like Reddit and 4chan represent what many parents fear most about the Internet: atheistic proselytizing, sexual voyeurism, meaningless trolling and bullying - a breeding grounds for things that are amoral along with a community that approves of such behavior. is designed to show that there is another way forward for the Internet. Building upon traditional American values, the values that not only made this nation great, but provided the source of sunny optimism that we once called “the American dream”, we represent the voices in society that have not yet given in to the moral relativism that seems to be everywhere.

In order to change the world, one must understand the world. With this in mind, is first a source of news and information that is relevant to conservative minds. News from the spheres of Business, Technology, Politics, and International make up the backbone of Culturally significant news, such as Entertainment and Sports, also have a place on

What stands us apart however is the community that we have backing If you see a story on gay marriage and you go into the comments, the tone will be one of disapproval based on traditional values and morality. If you see a story on promiscuity and birth control, the tone of our community will be one that believes sex is not evil, but it is something that God has designed for married couples. stands for several things. First, it is a yearning to live an “upright” life with the heart of “righteousness”. Living “rightly” is a pursuit worth sacrificing for. Second, it refers to the political leanings of the values that made this nation great. Although we may not be extreme right-wing, we are certainly right-leaning, to the point where we are willing to say that not all lifestyles are considered equal and valid. There is an ideal way that men and women should live and interact, and it is because we have deviated from that standard, that there is so much suffering and spiritual emptiness in society today.

So please visit and see if you believe it is possible to build such a community on the Internet. If we are able to bring civility, respect, and perhaps even a bit of love to the Internet, then who knows what other good we may be able to bring to this fallen world?


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