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Le Bunny Bleu expansion to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan

New York, United States (IBwire.com - July 10, 2012)  

Flat shoes brand LeBunny Bleu (NY) is strengthening its global network by further expansion in Asia. LeBunny Bleu entered Taiwan market this summer cooperating with A.S.O, the biggest shoes company in Taiwan with over 60 years experience in the marketplace and operation of over 200 stores. In addition to Naturalizer and Lancel, LeBunny Bleu is the third international shoe brand exclusively distributed by the A.S.O in Taiwan. LeBunny Bleu is currently stocked in 10 Beso stores and another 20 are expected to be added by this Fall. It’s planned for the first concept LeBunny Bleu store to be opened by Spring 2013.


LeBunny Bleu will be represented in Honk Kong market by The Brand Agency – an exclusive distribution of Brazilian brand Mellissa. The first store is scheduled to be open in early August in Hysan Place.


Along with the brand's booming in South Korean market, LeBunny Bleu shoes have been greatly loved by Japanese customers. From Fall season Japanese customers can purchase LeBunny Bleu shoes in Japan in 5 stores operated by Suzuki Co. Ltd. 


Marian Rebro, CEO of LeBunny Bleu says, "LeBunny Bleu is going through a process of genuine expansion as the demand for the brand in SEA has been continuously growing. We are glad to establish the relationships with strong and experienced distributors and we look forward for mutual collaboration and rapid growth in next 5 years."


About LeBunny Bleu

LeBunny Bleu is a trademark of LeBunnys Inc. – New York footwear company operating worldwide through over 80 concept stores, department stores, e-commerce, franchise and distribution partners. Its collections are inspired by bunny character and combine the romantic European vintage era and New York's finest modernism. Designers of European background express the spirit of freedom in the frame of New York's diversity. LeBunnys aims to design, manufacture, market and distribute women flat shoes which are trendy and unique, comfortable and attractively priced for the following niche customer audiences.


For distribution enquiries please contact New York HQ at us@lebunnys.com.


Media Contact:

Kelly Schiller
Le Bunny Bleu
Marketing Director
22 Cortlandt Street
New York, NY

Phone: 917-300-1184
Email: us@lebunnys.com
Website: www.lebunnybleu.com
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