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Windows 7 Ultimate Guide E-Book

Glendale, United States (IBwire.com - October 04, 2009) Do It Yourself Computer Repair web site owner and author Monte Russell has decided to step in to the road and help hold the dust down on the huge rush to migrate over to the new Operating System. To help those that are on older Operating Systems such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP he has written an extensive guide on what to do and what not to do. Why some of Microsoft’s recommendations for hardware will cause the new owner of the Operating System problems soon after it is installed on older computers. How to plug the security holes that Microsoft has left open.

Monte Russell has written an extensive guide for the installation of Windows 7 that includes –

§  How to install and not make the mistake most people do.

§  Why a clean installation is better than an Upgrade.

§  Why those pretty backgrounds slow your computer to a crawl.

§  How to make Win 7 work your way.

§  How to find the hidden aspects of the Control Panel.

§  How to use the Repair Computer function when you have a problem.

§  Why you need more than one restore point.

§  Why does Microsoft put all that 'extra stuff' on your hard drive? And how to get rid of it!

§  Why did Microsoft make it hard for you to change things and leave a LOT of open backdoors for the hackers? And what to do about it!

§  Why do you loose your last opened list (which is very handy) if you turn off a GPO?

§  Why you should take backup seriously and make the Recovery CD!


More important points

§  Do you know why you should not go with Microsoft's recommendations for hardware?

§  Do you know which recommendation will cause you problems at a later time?

§  Do you know why you should Dual Boot your computer if you already have an operating system installed instead of upgrading?

§  Do you know how to lock down your computer to keep the hackers out?

§  Do you know how to setup a restore point and then do a restore when something happens to your Operating System?

§  Do you know why your computer is slow after you install a new Operating System?

§  Upgrade your existing Operating System or do a Fresh install?

§  What's new? Things that you should know if you are a XP user!

"I am committed to the visitors to my web site and try my hardest to give accurate technical information and advice. In my previous e-books I have conveyed my sincerity in helping those that want to help themselves and improve their knowledge base of computer operations and repair. Do It Yourself isn’t for everyone but knowledge is."

Windows 7 Ultimate Guide  e-book is now available in PDF format online for the price of $17.00.

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